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Philadelphia Child Injury Lawyers Find Justice for Parents With Children Suffering From Brain Injuries

Protecting the Rights of Children

Medical research continuously proves how fragile the brains of children are. Even seemingly minor injuries have lifelong and irreparable consequences. Your children deserve accountability from those who have harmed them by causing a potentially permanent brain injury. With accountability comes the financial resources they need to recover as much as possible. At McCann & Wall, LLC, our Philadelphia child injury lawyers seek justice on behalf of children who have suffered brain damage due to negligence, birth injury or medical malpractice. Our experienced attorneys understand the complexities and special challenges that come with these cases and have more than five decades of combined experience winning maximum compensation for injured victims and families.

Why are Personal Injury Cases Involving Children With Brain Injuries Particularly Challenging?

The problem with recovering the proper amount of damages for a child that has suffered a brain injury is twofold: the injuries can be hard to see, and quantifying the potential amount that they have lost is unforeseeable. Brain injuries cannot be seen easily. Proving them requires an experienced Philadelphia personal injury lawyer that knows the questions to ask and the experts to question. The amount of the damages is also a challenge because the basis of damages in adults is usually based on lost earnings from the victim’s profession. Children do not have careers, so we aggressively fight to prove your child’s potential and the loss of life satisfaction that your child is going to suffer. We specialize in recovering multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements for children with brain injuries.

How Do child Brain Injuries Creating Liability Most Often Occur?

The fragility of a child’s brain in combination with their active lifestyles make them particularly vulnerable to brain injuries. They can happen almost anywhere. Clearly proving how it is the defendant’s fault and that their negligence lead to the harm done to your child is critical in order to prevail in one of these lawsuits. We are regarded among the best personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia because we provide tenacious legal representation to give your children a voice after they have suffered a brain injury. The most common causes of child brain injuries include:

Contact the Philadelphia Child Injury Lawyers at McCann & Wall, LLC to Discuss Your Child’s Brain Injury

At McCann & Wall, LLC, our Philadelphia brain injury lawyers are committed to getting justice from those who have caused harm to your child. Our office is conveniently located near mass transit, across from city hall in Philadelphia. You can schedule a free initial consultation by calling us at 215-569-8488 or 302-888-1221, or you can contact us online. We help injured victims and families throughout Pennsylvania including the entire Philadelphia region, Chester County, Delaware County and Montgomery County as well as those in the states of New Jersey and Delaware.


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