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Philadelphia Injury Lawyers Fight for Rightful Compensation After Construction Vehicle Accidents

Pursuing claims after devastating on-site accidents

Multi-ton construction vehicles can be very dangerous, or even deadly, when used improperly. If a vehicle goes out of control or breaks down unexpectedly, it can cause the driver and people around it serious harm. If you’ve suffered a severe injury or lost a loved one in a construction vehicle accident, the Philadelphia accident lawyers at McCann & Wall can help you recover the compensation you need to get back on your feet.

Construction vehicle accident injuries can change your life forever

Any work injury is debilitating, but when you suffer an injury from something as big and powerful as a crane, bulldozer or back-end loader, the results can be catastrophic. Many workers involved in these accidents have suffered:

  • Broken bones from swinging arms, doors or blunt impacts
  • Chemical burns from fuel or lubricants
  • Crushing injuries or limbs lost to internal machinery
  • Fatal injuries in severe accidents
  • Severe burns caused by engine heat

Top causes of construction vehicle accidents

Following common regulations from OSHA and union standards can help prevent accidents on a worksite, but issues can still arise when working with complex machinery like construction vehicles. Mechanical failures, driver error and poor preparation can all lead to problems. Some of the most common sources of construction vehicle incidents are:

  • Lack of training. Workers should always be properly educated before operating a vehicle on a working construction site. An untrained operator may not only use equipment improperly, they will not know what to watch out for around their vehicle to avoid an accident, such as approaching workers or insufficient clearance
  • Maintenance issue. Construction equipment performs heavy-duty work for hours or days on end, and must be properly maintained or else parts can wear out and vehicles can break down unexpectedly or behave erratically on a work site
  • Site problems. Construction vehicles can weigh several tons, and if the ground is not prepared properly before bringing equipment on-site, vehicles can be caught in sink-holes or sent off course as the ground gives way beneath them
  • Vehicle defect. If a construction company purchases a faulty vehicle, it not only puts the driver at risk, it puts every worker on-site at risk if something goes wrong

Contact the Philadelphia Construction Accident Lawyers, at McCann & Wall, LLC

At McCann & Wall, LLC, our Philadelphia construction accident lawyers have more than five decades of combined experience fighting on behalf of injured clients. We are not afraid to go to court. Trust us to obtain full compensation for you, with our aggressive, knowledgeable approach to your case. Contact us at 215-569-8488 or 302-888-1221, or online. Our offices are conveniently located across the street from City Hall in downtown Philadelphia, just a short distance from the train, subway and trolley. Or if you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you. We serve clients throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.



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