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Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Recover Maximum Damages for Mental Injuries

Helping injured workers obtain rightful restitution for serious, long-term injuries for more than three decades

Workplace accidents lead to significant and debilitating injuries that impact both your present and future financially and professionally. In many cases, victims are unable to return to work for long periods of time and are burdened with thousands of dollars in medical bills. Mental injuries, in particular, often lead to serious complications that may leave victims permanently impaired. At McCann & Wall, our Philadelphia work injury lawyers provide comprehensive representation designed to achieve full and fair compensation for our clients. Whether you have suffered a traumatic brain injury or were exposed to hazardous materials which impaired your mental capacity, we’re ready to fully investigate your case and develop a plan that works for you.

On-the-job mental injuries are caused by a wide variety of workplace accidents

Each year, thousands of workers suffer head injuries while on-the-job that significantly compromise their current and future ability to work and live in the same way as they did prior to the accident. Some of the most common types of accidents that lead to traumatic head injuries include:

Any one of these experiences has the potential to lead to devastating mental injuries that may prevent you from ever making a full recovery.

Mental injuries often lead to severe and long-term cognitive defects

Traumatic brain and head injuries are some of the most serious types of workplace injuries that many victims experience. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, traumatic brain injuries encompass a wide range of symptoms and consequences ranging from temporary and relatively mild impairment to permanent loss of cognitive ability and function. Victims of traumatic brain injuries often experience problems with

  • Communication and language comprehension
  • Emotional disorders and personality changes such as anxiety, depression and aggression
  • Expression and understanding
  • Memory
  • Reasoning skills
  • Sensory ability, including touching, tasting and smelling
  • Thinking and processing information

These types of conditions may only last a few weeks or months, but in many cases, victims experience permanent mental changes. In many cases, a history of traumatic brain injury may increase a victim’s risk of developing mental conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease. Regardless of what type of head injury you’ve suffered our accident attorneys have the legal skills and knowledge you need to recover the substantial damages you deserve.

Our Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Work Hard to Hold At-Fault Employers Accountable for Mental Injuries to Employees

At McCann & Wall, our Philadelphia work injury lawyers have helped numerous victims get full compensation for their on-the-job injuries. We understand the life-altering consequences of a traumatic injury and strive to minimize the legal burdens that accompany these types of accidents. To discuss your options during a free consultation, call us at 215-569-8488 or contact us online today. We serve clients in Pennsylvania including the Philadelphia region, Chester County, Delaware County and Montgomery County as well as the states of Delaware and New Jersey.



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