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Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers Hold Fatigued Drivers Responsible for Accidents Causing Injuries

Driver Exhaustion Puts Your Life and Well-Being at Risk on the Road

Road trips, cross-country moves, and trucking routes all put drivers on the road for hours on end. The combination of extended waking hours and time spent staring out at the open road can lead to distraction and fatigue that can be just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), every year about 100,000 police-reported crashes involve drowsy driving. These accidents result in more than 1,550 fatalities and 71,000 injuries. At McCann & Wall, LLC our Philadelphia car accident lawyers understand these dangers, and fight to get injured victims compensation after being involved in an accident caused by driver fatigue.

The Effects of Fatigued Driving are Serious

Drivers who are drowsy at the wheel have limited attention and slowed responses, making them much more likely to get into an accident. Fatigued driving can have a wide variety of effects on a driver’s behavior including:

  • Daydreaming or zoning out
  • Falling asleep while driving
  • Forgetting the last few minutes
  • Impaired judgment or decision-making
  • Inability to keep eyes open
  • Trouble focusing vision

Risk Factors for Fatigued Drivers

Drowsy drivers can be found on the road at any time, but there are certain situations where you need to be extra careful on the roads. If you are involved in an accident at these times, drowsy driving may have been a factor:

  • Daylight savings time — It always takes the body a few days to acclimate to the hour shifts at the start and end of daylight savings time. Therefore, it is important to be aware of drivers even at seemingly reasonable hours. The same goes for driving around major airports where people are coming in from other time zones.
  • Early morning — Just before rush hour, many drivers are either finishing their night shift on the road, or are workers with night shifts who are on their way home. Any of these drivers may be in need of sleep and at an increased accident risk.
  • Holidays — In addition to the risk of drunk drivers, there may be people leaving holiday festivities who are driving while fatigued.
  • Late at night — Most drivers on the road late at night have probably been awake all day, and long hours may be affecting their driving. It’s also worth noting that the other driver may claim you were fatigued as well in order to mitigate their responsibility.

If You’ve Been Injured by a Driver who was Fatigued or Asleep at the Wheel, Contact the Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers at McCann & Wall, LLC

The Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at McCann & Wall, LLC, have extensive experience representing victims of automobile accidents, including those involving tired or sleeping drivers. Reach us by calling 215-569-8488 or 302-888-1221, or contact us online for a free consultation. Our office is conveniently located in Philadelphia, across the street from City Hall, a short distance from the train, subway and trolley. Or if you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you. We serve clients in Pennsylvania including the Philadelphia region, Chester County, Delaware County and Montgomery County as well as in Delaware and New Jersey.


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