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Intersections Are High-Risk Areas for Crashes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) claims that 2.5 million car accidents happen each year in intersections across the United States. Twenty percent of all fatal car accidents occur in intersections where two or more roads cross, making intersection crashes the second most common type of car accident outside of rear-end collisions. Left hand turns, red light runners, and driver error are the leading causes of serious and often fatal intersection accidents.

The Philadelphia car accident lawyers at McCann & Wall, LLC are dedicated to helping victims of intersection accidents claim the maximum amount of compensation available for their injuries. Intersection car accidents often cause debilitating injuries that can result in life-long disability or even death. The experienced and knowledgeable car accident lawyers at McCann & Wall, LLC work diligently to protect the legal rights of their clients while fighting for the compensation injured victims deserve.

Types of Intersection Accidents

Intersections are designed with traffic lights, traffic pattern signs, and delayed signals that regulate traffic flow. Traffic engineers carefully study the logistics of traffic flow in an area of an intersection and design the roads and traffic signals to afford the safest travel possible. Unfortunately, over 50 percent of all serious car accidents happen in intersections. The most common types of intersection accidents include:

  • Left-Hand Turn Accidents: When drivers approach an intersection and plan to make a left-hand turn, it is imperative that they yield to oncoming traffic and obey all traffic signals, especially delayed red lights. Failure to do so can result in head-on and side impact collisions. Illegal left-hand turns often result in fatalities.
  • Red Light Runners: Traffic lights are pivotal in keeping traffic running efficiently and safely. When drivers fail to obey traffic lights, serious car accidents happen. Head-on collisions, side impact or T-bone collisions, and multi-vehicle accidents can result in an intersection accident where a driver runs a red light or tries to speed through a yellow caution light.
  • Illegal Right Turn on Red: Many intersections allow right-hand turns on red lights, but when there are restrictions on this law, violators can cause a serious car accident. Failure to obey restrictions on right-hand turns can lead to side impact and head-on collisions.
  • Traveling in the Wrong Direction in an Intersection: When several roads come together, it can be confusing and result in drivers traveling in the wrong direction on a road. When this happens, the risk of a deadly head-on crash increases dramatically.

Causes of Intersection Accidents

A car accident can happen anywhere, even to the most safety conscious drivers, but the risk of a serious or fatal car accident increases in intersections where two or more roadways cross paths. The most common causes of this type of accident relate to driver errors and behaviors, such as:

  • Distracted Driving: Distracted driving is the leading cause of car accidents in the United States, including intersection accidents. Cell phone use, texting, onboard navigation systems, entertainment devices, and even eating, drinking, or reaching for objects are all forms of distracted driving. Driver distraction in an intersection dramatically increases the risk of a serious or fatal car accident.
  • Driver Error: Misjudgment on the speed of an approaching vehicle or the driver’s intention at an intersection can lead to a collision. Car accidents also occur at intersections when drivers misjudge the distance between their car and another vehicle. Many left-hand turn accidents happen when drivers mistakenly think they have enough time to pass in front of an oncoming vehicle.
  • Insufficient Observation: Intersection accidents often occur when drivers do not give enough attention to the traffic pattern signs, speed limits, and yield signs when approaching an intersection. It is often too late for a driver to correct this action once they are in the middle of the intersection.
  • Obstructed Views: Making a turn or crossing lanes in an intersection can be dangerous when a driver’s view is obstructed. Blind spots and failure to use rear-view and side-view mirrors can lead to a collision.
  • Illegal Actions: When a driver fails to yield to oncoming traffic, crosses over a double solid yellow line, or makes an illegal U-turn in an intersection, collisions are likely. Multi-vehicle accidents can occur in an intersection as a result of one driver’s illegal maneuver.

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers at McCann & Wall, LLC Help Victims of Intersection Accidents Claim Compensation

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