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Safety Tips When Using a Ridesharing Service

Ridesharing services are growing in popularity, but there is a dark side to this convenience. Uber revealed recently that over 3,000 sexual assault complaints were lodged against its drivers in 2018. Those numbers, while alarming, do not mean you should give up on ridesharing services, but taking precaution is critical. The following are safety tips […]

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Gender Safety Gap in Vehicle Testing

Surprising new information reveals that although cars are safer than ever before, women face much higher risks than men of being injured or killed in car accidents. A study carried out by University of Virginia researchers documented how most vehicle safety tests use male crash test dummies. As a result, safety systems are designed to […]

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How Vulnerable is My Car to Cyberattacks?

The world becomes more interconnected every day, but that also means our systems are more vulnerable to hackers. As our cars grow smarter, so do cyberattack risks. If your car is hacked, you and your family are potentially in danger. How does a hacker gain access to your automobile? Perhaps the most common way is […]

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Is Employee Burnout a Threat to Workplace Safety?

For some employees, their job may seriously affect their long-term psychological health. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared worker burnout a diagnosable condition. That declaration should not come as a surprise to doctors and many employers. Those workers not personally affected by burnout may find safety in the workplace is compromised when other employees […]

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Fight for Seat Belt Regulations

A 15-year push for seat belt warning systems through the federal automobile safety regulations process highlights the excruciatingly slow pace of approval and implementation for regulations that could be saving lives. The technology in question involves an alert system that reminds backseat passengers to buckle up. Research commissioned by Congress in 2004 indicates that this […]

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Safety Features Every Car Needs

Car manufacturers have made great strides toward improving vehicle safety over the past few decades, and anyone in the market for a new ride should research these features before buying. Most are familiar with advanced connectivity, such as Apple CarPlay that allows drivers to use their GPS, make calls, and listen to music hands-free. Today, […]

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Fall Protection Near Exposed Edges

Workers who use personal fall arrest systems are at risk of fatal falls due to their fall protection lines being cut by exposed edges. A new hazard alert from the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries states that open edges, such as roofs, desks, platforms, or the edge of a floor creates a condition […]

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How Will a Car Accident Lawyer Help After a Crash?

Car collisions happen every day throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and the surrounding states. After a car accident, drivers and passengers may discover that starting a claim may be tougher than they imagined. Not only are insurance companies difficult to work with, but the language they use and requirements they expect can seem unnecessarily complicated. […]

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Who is Liable for a Defective Product Recall?

As consumers, we rely on the safety and effectiveness of numerous home and business products in our daily lives. When a product fails and someone is harmed, consumers need legal recourse. For those who have been harmed by a defective product, there can be multiple parties who may be liable throughout the manufacturing and distribution […]

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Safety Systems Help Prevent Crashes

As technology becomes more advanced by the day, our lives have become more productive and fast-paced. A car’s computer system is becoming a very effective tool for those that share the road, where car accidents and injuries are far too common. According to a recent Consumer Reports survey, drivers of all ages revealed that advanced […]

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