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What are Some Winter Safety Driving Tips for Seniors?

Hazardous weather conditions in winter make driving dangerous for drivers of all ages. In addition to weather-related risks, older drivers are also more likely to have health conditions that impair their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. In fact, the American Automobile Association (AAA) confirms that fatal car accident rates increase among drivers who […]

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How can I Counter a Low Settlement Offer After a Car Accident?

The settlement value of a car accident case depends on several factors, such as the plaintiff’s age and health condition, the severity of the plaintiff’s injuries, and who was at-fault for the accident. Often, an insurance company will initially make a low offer, hoping that the plaintiff will settle for less than what they are […]

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What is a Design Defect Products Liability Claim?

Unfortunately, products that are flawed and hazardous do make their way to the consumer. A design defect is just one of three types of product defects that can incur liability. Others include: Design defects. Design defects are inherent; they exist before the product is manufactured. Although the item might function well, it can be unreasonably […]

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Is Distracted Driving Increasing During the Pandemic?

Cell phones, social media, GPS devices, and other infotainment technologies have consistently been the cause of potentially deadly distracted driving accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 2,841 people were killed and approximately 400,000 people were injured in crashes involving distracted drivers in 2018. Alarmingly, the distracted driving epidemic has only gotten […]

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How can I Observe National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month?

While holiday festivities may look a bit different this year due to the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many people will still find a way to celebrate. Some celebrations include cocktails and drugs, which is why December is the ideal time to remind the public of the risks of driving under the influence. To commemorate National […]

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Are Aggressive Drivers More Accident-Prone?

Aggressive driving can easily lead to reckless driving and serious car accidents. According to recent studies, aggressive drivers cause more than twice as many fatalities as drunk drivers, and they are a main cause of collisions. It is clear that aggressive driving is a main cause of motor vehicles accidents, but what are the reasons […]

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What Should a Pregnant Woman Do After a Car Accident?

An expectant mother is diligent about staying healthy and protecting her unborn baby through a balanced diet, moderate exercise, and good medical care. However, even when a mother follows the right steps during pregnancy, accidents can happen. The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) reports that car accidents account for half of all traumatic events […]

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COVID-19 Causes Major Drop in Toy Safety Inspections

A recent investigation by USA TODAY concluded that the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) pulled its toy police from ports around the country due to the threat of COVID-19. This caused a major drop in safety inspections for over 6 months. This investigation is a follow up to the list of most dangerous toys of […]

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How can I Prevent a Back Injury at Work?

More than one million back injuries occur throughout the United States each year. Musculoskeletal conditions cause significant pain and disabilities for workers and cost employers large amounts of money because of lost productivity and Workers’ Compensation payouts. Men and women from the factory floor to the corporate office can benefit from learning simple ways to […]

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What are the Most Dangerous Toys of 2020?

The unprecedented Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has caused everyone to shift their priorities toward health and safety. Everyone is now aware of the importance of social distancing and other ways of preventing the spread of COVID-19. This new focus is imperative for saving lives, but it is important to remember safety guidelines that pertain to other […]

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